Another Top Democrat In Hot Water After Mysterious Payout

The COVID pandemic has given us a fantastic look into the leadership abilities of our governors. Some of them, like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, rose to the challenge and helped protect both lives and the stability of his state. But many others, mostly Democrats, showed us that they are both power-hungry tyrants and incompetent morons.

New York’s Andrew Cuomo is just a step away from being either impeached or indicted. California’s Gavin Newsom is facing a recall petition that might soon become a vote. But yet another Democrat has been in the spotlight over recent months. Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer has not made a good name for herself during the pandemic.

A one-time possible running mate for Joe Biden, the Democrat quickly lost favor with her state after pushing radical lockdown rules. After residents protested last year, she made the rules even stricter, seemingly out of spite. But again and again, it seemed the governor didn’t think she or her family were obligated to follow the same rules.

Now, she is back in the spotlight, over a mysterious—taxpayer-funded—payout to a former health department director.

Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer gave a large taxpayer-funded payout to her state health department director shortly after he resigned in a deal that requires both sides to maintain confidentiality about what led to his resignation…

“We’re still investigating the things the Whitmer Administration has done during COVID in plain sight, when we find out about a secret payoff behind closed doors,” state Rep. Steve Johnson, chair of the Michigan House Oversight Committee, said. “While it doesn’t surprise me, the deception is shocking and shows how badly this Administration needs oversight so they can be held to account.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Okay, so now Democrat governors can just use tax dollars as hush money to cover up their tracks? Do these people really think they are mob bosses that can just do whatever they want? We learned that Gov. Cuomo intimidates lawmakers and covers up nursing home deaths. Gov. Newsom violated the First Amendment and broke his own rules whenever it pleased him.

And now Gov. Whitmer is taking tax dollars from the state to keep a former employee silent? Is this what our democracy has come to?

The man in question is Robert Gordon, Whitmer’s state health department. According to reports he played a significant role in Michigan’s COVID response. Yet, while the pandemic still lingers, Gordon resigns and is given a large sum of money to stay quiet about it.

We can’t claim to know why—but trust me when I say it can’t be good. You don’t pay off someone so they don’t speak because you did a great job handling the crisis. It’s possible Michigan had higher deaths, much like New York, and they’re trying to hide it. Or they botched the vaccination rollout (reports have circulated that millions of doses of the vaccine were lost at the state level).

Regardless of what it is they are trying to keep silent, it must be pretty bad. For a governor to spend tax dollars to shut up a former employee? Yeah, this just might blow up in her face.

At the very least, this warrants an investigation, don’t you think?

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