Another State Passes Election Reform As Fear Of Fraud Persists

Isn’t it funny that so many months after the disaster that was the 2020 Election, some states are actually getting their act together?

You may have forgotten how, in the months leading up to the election, state officials conveniently rewrote the rules to make voting much less secure. Blaming the China virus, these officials (from mostly swing states) allowed for all kinds of changes that allowed people to use ballots that were not theirs or make it harder for states to verify ballots.

We all know how that impacted the election. Now, many swing states (with Republican legislatures) are quickly trying to plug up all these holes, so that future elections are actually secure.

Now, a state that had a relatively reliable election outcome is following their lead.

Florida’s legislature on Thursday passed an election reform bill that bans mobile ballot drop boxes and requires voters to request mail-in ballots every election cycle if they want them.

The legislation also mandates that local election supervisors must staff stationary drop boxes and only permit ballots to be deposited during early-voting hours, according to the Washington Post.

It also stipulates that supervisors who make a drop box accessible anytime other than those periods are subject to a $25,000 civil penalty. [Source: Just the News]

Florida has just passed a bill that will ban “mobile” drop boxes and sets limits on stationary boxes, among other changes to how elections are handled.

I wonder if Democrats and Joe Biden will flip out over this? Clearly, they do not want any kind of reform that makes our elections safe. Biden even lied to the country, claiming Georgia’s recent reforms were “Jim Crow 2.0”. That kind of overblown dishonesty has led to countless attacks on the state.

Georgia also banned dropped boxes in their new bill. So, will Democrats attack Florida as well? We can’t say for sure. It’s obvious Democrats are trying really hard to flip the conservative Peach State, exploiting loopholes and eroding the will of most districts through fraud. But they don’t seem to have the same kind of foothold in Florida.

The state was once considered a swing state. But recent elections show it is a decidedly red region. The governor and two senators are conservative. And in both 2016 and 2020, Trump won the state by huge margins.

Trump even praised Florida for having a secure election system, encourage voters to use their mail-in ballots if they chose. This new bill is only further securing their system from attempts by the left to sway the election, through ballot harvesting and other shady practices.

The real question, though, is what about the rest of the country? There are plenty more states that need to fix major problems with their elections systems. From questionable software to the allowance of ballot harvesting, our democracy is on shaky ground—unless changes are made.

Author: Simon Anderson