Another State Gives Biden The Middle Finger On Gun Rights

Joe Biden has made one of his goals in office to pass sweeping gun control. He has previously announced he plans to outlaw several well-known firearms, including “assault weapons,” a term that has no meaning (except for whatever Democrats want to ban). Biden has urged Congress to pass laws that would make it harder for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms. He also wants gun owners to be listed in a government registry, violating their privacy rights.

In an ironic twist, all of Biden’s forceful gun control moves have inspired conservative states to act. In recent weeks, several states have forwarded legislation that would provide greater freedom to gun owners, not less. In many states, they are banning laws that require permits for people to carry guns outside their homes.

Texas just passed a bill for “constitutional carry” (as it is often called) which awaits being signed by the governor. Now, another state’s legislature passed a bill focused on the same goal.

Louisiana lawmakers passed constitutional carry legislation on June 1, 2021, and it will now go to the desk of Gov. John Bel Edwards (D)…

The Louisiana Illuminator reported the legislation, Senate Bill 118, was sponsored by state Sen. Jay Morris (R-Monroe). It passed by a margin of 27-9.

The Associated Press explained that state Sen. Regina Barrow (D-Baton Rouge) voiced opposition to Morris’s bill in April, claiming concealed carriers ought to get licenses just like drivers of cars.

Morris responded to Barrow by saying, “It’s the difference between privilege and a right. The right to drive isn’t in the constitution, but the right to keep and bear arms is.” [Source: Breitbart]

By a large margin, Louisiana’s Senate passed a bill that would allow any resident to carry a firearm without a permit. It’s important to note that the governor, a Democrat, has previously threatened to veto the bill.

But there is a good chance the state’s legislature can override his veto, considering the strong support this bill has.

Constitutional carry laws can be a crucial step in empowering Americans to lawfully bear arms. More often than not, gun control laws do little to stop criminals from acquiring or using firearms. But they are damn sure good at making sure citizens have no means of defending themselves, should the worst happen.

In many states, you’ll have a hard time buying a gun, much less getting a permit to carry it with you. Americans have no means of protecting themselves or loved ones, thanks to heavy gun control. Even states that offer permits put up barriers, a clear attempt to keep Americans from bearing arms.

Democrats will riot and say constitutional carry makes us less safe. But law-abiding citizens who own firearms take the responsibility seriously. Only in nanny states that make it hard for Americans to acquire guns do we see citizens that don’t know the first thing about firearms.

Almost as if that’s the left’s goal all along?

Author: Tom Smith