Another 2020 Dem Drops Out–Gets Brutal Goodbye from Tucker Carlson

Not long ago, there were over 20 candidates running for the Democratic presidential nomination. Finally, that bloated number is being whittled down. This week, a prominent New York Democrat finally threw in the towel. As a parting gift, Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained why she was the very worst person to run for president. But what he said highlights the real problem with all liberals.

I’m sure I’m not the only person shocked at the still-high number of Democrats running for the party’s ticket. Do they all really think they can take on Trump? Honestly, when you look at the president’s track record (especially on the economy), you’d have to be crazy to think you can beat that.

I guess they’re all are crazy. But only now are some of the left-wing candidates starting to realize they have no chance at winning. New York Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand officially dropped out of the race. I guess we’re supposed to be sad that this woman can’t win all the way to the White House.

But Tucker Carlson explained very clearly why she was one of the worst candidates running.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained why he considers Democratic New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to be the “worst candidate ever.”

…Moving “far to the left on just about every issue,” Gillibrand was also “happy to be friends with Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein” until it was no longer “politically expedient.”

“…a pampered hypocrite with no scruples, happy to lecture you about your failings and your privilege.”

“Self-righteous, dumb, yeah that’s par for the course here in Washington, but the last clip shows where Gillibrand stands apart,” said Carlson. “That was Gillibrand, the United States senator, lecturing a mother in Youngstown, Ohio … She was saying that no matter how much Washington abandons her and her entire region to unemployment and drug addiction and suicide and diabetes, actually that woman should be ashamed of her white privilege. That’s Kirsten Gillibrand in one clip. Really, the worst candidate ever. Good riddance, Kirsten Gillibrand.” [Source: Fox News]

Woah. It’s rare to hear such uncensored, honest—and factual—opinions about politicians from the news media. But Carlson was dead-on when he discussed former presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand. The New York elitists inherited her seat from Hillary Clinton. As a senator, she stayed safely moderate, until it was time to grab the spotlight.

As a candidate for the presidency, she promised to pass the Green New Deal—the disastrous proposal that would cripple our economy and cost states quadrillions.

Carlson roasted Gillibrand over her hypocrisy, especially when she lectured a mother about her son’s “white privilege.” But, let’s face the facts, these words can apply to every Democrat in power today.

They are not interested in helping real Americans face their problems. Democrats get elected by either promising the world to voters—or by exploiting race or other issues. But when they get into office, few liberals—if any—do anything to turn around the hard-hit states or communities they represent.

Just look at the biggest liberal areas in America. They are hellholes. California’s major cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco, are overrun with trash, human feces, drug needles, and homeless shanty towns. New York isn’t much better, soon to be just as bad. Chicago is rife with gun violence. Baltimore is a wasteland.

That is what happens when Democrats come to power. They abandon the people and pass measures that ensure nobody can succeed. Rich, liberal elites get richer as working Americans suffer. Crime gets out of control as taxes soar.

That is what would have happened to all of America, if Gillibrand was elected president. But the same can be said of Biden, Warren, Sanders and all the others. They want to usher in huge, wasteful progams as they erode our national security. Democrats are merely hypocrites who use government to earn wealth and fame.

(Just look at how Obama cashed in after running our country into the ground!)

We should be glad another 2020 Democrats has dropped out. But don’t be fooled: they all need to throw in the towel.

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