Anarchists ‘Autonomous’ Zones Nationwide Now Under Siege

Thanks to the mayor of Seattle, a group of Antifa thugs took over six blocks in the middle of the city. This “autonomous zone” is being run by braindead anarchists who can’t even get food. Numerous other activists tried to do the same thing in cities across America. The problem? They actually have police that can do their jobs.

You really have to wonder what the hell is going on in Seattle. Is their mayor so stupid, so incompetent, that she refuses to deal with this “autonomous zone”? It’s utterly unacceptable that a group of anarchists thugs—led by terrorists from Antifa—can “take over” a patch of land in the middle of a major city.

President Trump has called out the city and state leadership. It is their responsibility to deal with this. If they don’t, expect the federal government to take over (if they haven’t already). This non-sense is not only dangerous to Seattle, but a threat to the rest of the country.

Already morons in other cities thought they could build their own warzone-like regions. But the good news is, cops in other parts aren’t as pathetic as they are in Seattle.

In an effort to replicate the “Seattle Autonomous Zone” in cities nationwide, protesters took to the streets of Asheville, North Carolina, Portland, Oregon, Nashville, Tennessee, and Chicago, Illinois, over the weekend. Warned by what’s happening in the “CHAZ,” though, police departments were quick to shut down those efforts. [Source: Daily Wire]

Would you look at that!? When idiots tried to create lawless zones in American cities, they failed. Why? Because cops actually did their jobs!

Thugs actually tried this in Nashville, TN of all places. The governor shut it down before it could even get started.

In Asheville, NC, a group of idiots declared themselves “immune” the laws of the United States. They quickly learned that just saying something doesn’t mean anything. The cops dismantled their “autonomous zone” after just a few hours.

Even in left-wing Portland, the cops refused to let Antifa set up their own autonomous zone. They abandoned it quickly, after the cops dismantled their poorly-erected walls and barriers.

A group tried to “take over” a University of Chicago building. The campus police blocked them from getting food and supplies. I guess these numbskulls though Uber Eats would deliver to their pathetic protest.

It seems that, in most cities, garbage people can’t just set up their own, illegal “zone.” Antifa members are too cowardly, stupid, and incompetent to actually take over a region and run it properly. Police don’t have to work very hard to shut them out and drive them back to their parent’s basements.

So, why is this insanity allowed to go on in Seattle? Make no mistake, it will end eventually. The members of “CHAZ” will turn on each other and the thing will fall apart. But not after many lives in the area get hurt, or worse. The city must end this stupidity now.

You have to wonder why a once-treasured city like Seattle is now a cesspool of criminals and terrorists. How could the “Emerald City” become so infested? We don’t have to look far.

The Democratic leader let this happen. Liberals in major cities never dealt with Antifa. As they rioted and spread violence for years, Democrats refused to prosecute. There is a reason this stuff isn’t happening in conservative cities.

Until the people of Seattle drive out their left-wing leaders, this kind of nonsense will continue for years to come. Next time, it might not be just six blocks. It might be the whole city.

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