America’s Favorite Supreme Court Justice Might Surprise You

A shocking new poll shows that Republicans overwhelmingly trust Justice Clarence Thomas on the nation’s highest court. However, the ‘sometimes conservative’ Chief Justice John Roberts faired surprisingly well with Democrats. 

Check out the poll here:

Meanwhile, Roberts did not fair well with Republicans. Only 27% of conservatives-leaning voters saw Roberts as an asset on the bench despite being nominated by a Republican. On the other hand, only 24% of Democrats view the chief justice unfavorably.  

Chief Justice Roberts has occasionally disagreed with the conservatives on the bench and has been a deciding vote in many key cases. Notably, Roberts cast the decided vote to uphold the Affordable Cares Act (Obamacare.) 

Liberal Democrats have resoundingly chosen Justice Sonia Sotomayor as their preferred justice. Only 11% of Democrats view her unfavorably, while 63% say they prefer her liberal stance. 

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