Americans Use Their Favorite Mouse As a Means Of Rebellion

Spring Break is upon us. And around this time last year, the leftist media was foaming at the mouth over the fact that Florida allowed celebrations to continue unabated. Only after intense pressure from the media did the state enter something of a lockdown. But, much to the outrage of the leftist mob, Gov. DeSantis dropped all COVID restrictions months before anyone else.

And what do you know? His people like it!

But it’s not just Floridians who are benefitting from the governor’s common-sense approach. You better believe people have been flocking to Florida since the Fall of last year to escape their state’s abusive restrictions. Even as late as Thanksgiving, normally quiet beach towns were overflowing with visitors (I should know, I was one of them).

It’s clear Americans are done with lockdowns—and are making that clear to the world. And with Spring Break bringing opportunity to vacation and relax, Americans sent a message to the government… by selling out Disney World tickets.

The “happiest place on Earth” will be bursting at the seams as Spring Breakers sell out tickets to Disney World next week…

While the various Walt Disney World Parks are operating at a reduced capacity under Florida health guidelines, there is no lack of willing visitors. The parks reopened in July 2020, after a March closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, but ongoing health concerns have stifled the flow of would-be vacationers…

At the time of this writing, only limited tickets are available for the various Walt Disney World Parks in Orlando, Florida, for the remainder of the week. Next week is already completely sold out. [Source: Breitbart]

Even with guidelines and measures in place, visitors are still wanting to pack out Disney World this Spring Break season. The vast majority of those people will be from out of state, Americans eager to enjoy just a little bit of sun and normalcy—while their home states continue to abuse them.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Florida’s attractions will end up being sold out. California and other vacation hotspots are the last places you want to be right now. Ongoing lockdowns mean that few could benefit from the warm weather and attractions—and business owners large and small are feeling the pain.

But in Florida, Spring Break will mean much-needed business for many who rely on tourism to pay the bills. It won’t just be Disney World that will see a flood of visitors. Everyone that offers food, housing, and entertainment this Spring will hopefully see plenty of smiling faces.

As for states still facing government-mandated restrictions? I guess there’s always next year, that is, if they survive that long.

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