Americans Speak Out: Vaccine Passports Dead On Arrival

Americans are not having it with vaccine passports. A very vocal majority has expressed their undying opposition to this level of government overreach and any form of force or coercion regarding the coronavirus vaccine. A poll released this week proves it: Democrats can take their vaccine passports and shove it!

A pollster asked a group of respondents:

“Do you believe taking COVID vaccines should be mandatory, or should taking the vaccine be a personal choice?”

Here are the results:

  • 71.4% said vaccines should be a personal choice
  • 21.8% said they should be “mandatory”
  • 6.8% remain unsure.

The general feeling behind a mandatory vaccine falls largely on party lines.

  • 58.7% of Democrats believe it should be a personal choice
  • 87.3% of Republicans and 67.2% of independents agree that the vaccine is a personal choice
  • 33% – one third of the Democrat voter base – believe vaccines should be mandatory

You can read the full break down here:

The poll numbers come as the Biden administration flexes every muscle to bully Americans into getting the vaccine.

Between the propaganda from the press, paid TV and radio ads from New York to California, hiring social media influences, and eliciting the help of Hollywood celebrities, it just goes to show that Americans can not be persuaded or told what medical treatment to pursue.

Americans have never taken kindly being told what to do, and these poll results prove they aren’t going to start now. Meanwhile, the Democrats have utilized slogans such as, “My Body, My Choice” for decades to push radical abortion laws. Their sloganeering quickly becomes less advantageous when pushing the vaccine.

The survey follows the Biden administration indicating that it will be supportive of localities that choose to implement such mandates.

Some public health experts believe vaccine mandates could become more likely if the Food and Drug Administration formally approves the vaccines, which are currently operating under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Nearly half of those who remain unvaccinated attribute their decision to a lack of trust in coronavirus vaccine development and concern over safety.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney