Americans Revolt After Year-Long COVID Tyranny

In the wake of the COVID panic, most states implement a variety of strict, unconstitutional lockdown measures. They shut down businesses, shuttered churches, and forced Americans into their homes. Perhaps worse of all was how they punished children by closing their schools.

We know that children under 18 years of age face virtually no threat to the China virus. And that online “alternatives” have been shoddy at best. Yet despite these obvious facts, millions of children’s educations have been flushed down the toilet, by corrupt teachers’ unions who refuse to work.

While many states have returned to some form of normalcy, there are plenty of holdouts. Teachers’ unions in mostly blue regions continue to refuse to teach in person. But the facts don’t lie. An hour or so on Zoom does not replace a full day of learning. And parents don’t like watching their kids sit around all day, with little to do.

So, we shouldn’t be surprised by this poll.

By a decisive margin, voters want their local schools open for in-person learning, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

A majority of 53% of registered voters surveyed believe classrooms in their area should be open, while just 31% prefer they remain closed…

In one counterintuitive demographic finding, age cohorts are more likely to favor opening schools the older they are. In other words, support for opening was directly proportional to the risk of death or serious illness from COVID-19. Those aged 18-24 (those at least risk from COVID-19), for example, favor keeping schools closed by 44%-43%, while those in the 65+ bracket (who are at greatest risk from COVID-19) favor opening schools by almost 3-1 (60%-21%). [Source: Just the News]

Big surprise that college-aged adults in their twenties (who don’t have kids) want schools to stay closed. While parents and grandparents, understanding the damage being done, want them reopened.

These numbers reveal that most Americans are no longer panicked about the virus—at least not as it relates to their children. We’ve seen very little data to suggest children are at great risk. But plenty of information has come out to prove that keeping kids stuck inside is detrimental to their mental, physical, and emotional health.

For years, we urged children to get outside, interact, and avoid too much time with technology. But today, that is exactly what we’re forcing our children to do. Instead of letting them go to school and have normal lives, we are compelling them to live behind a screen. I’m no doctor, but that doesn’t seem right.

Yet even now, there are regions of the country that simply refuse to reopen. As in other lockdown cases, it’s becoming very hard to restore what was lost. Businesses are struggling to return. Daily activities are less likely to come back. And spoiled teachers don’t want to have to leave their homes and actually deal with kids.

Perhaps they should just find another line of work?

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