American Sour On Biden Like Never Before — Here’s What’s Coming Next

Only a half-year into Joe Biden’s presidency and things are not looking good for him or for the country.

While soaring high on praise from a “majority” of the public and the American mainstream media as the “Not Trump” candidate, Biden has seen mostly positive approval rates. However, a series of major blunders has sent his approval with the American people plummeting, and he is bound to pay the price.

According to a poll published this week, the Biden’s approval rating is sinking fast. Compared with a 54% approval rating in April, the dementia-laden president now sits at around 48% approval with 43% of voters disapproving of the job he’s doing. That figure has increased three percentage points since April as well.

The Biden agenda appears has come to a screeching halt, and to make matters worse, the policies he’s already enacted has caused chaos throughout the country.

The massive spending bills that have made it into U.S. law have sent inflation skyrocketing, making common goods and services more expensive for the American people. Additionally, his “infrastructure” plan, which has zero GOP support, is also being stifled by members of his own party. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has stalled Biden’s efforts to pass the Far-Left bill, citing the need for bipartisanship for such a hefty spending measure. The voting rights measure championed by Vice President Kamala Harris is also not getting the support from her own party, with Manchin again in opposition.

The West Virginia Democrat has also made clear his intention to block his Party’s effort to eliminate the Senate filibuster rule.

His presidency has taken a few hits along the way. As a result of his border policies, the U.S. has seen a surge in illegal immigration in unprecedented numbers. A wide variety of crimes have come with it, such as drugs, human trafficking, and terrorist activity. Biden’s point person and puppet master, Kamala Harris, refuses to visit the scene of the crime, instead visiting neighboring countries in order to tackle the “root causes” of the recent surge.

Additionally, the president has botched the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Having over 200,000 deaths under his belt despite a miraculous vaccine rollout handed to him by Former President Donald Trump. Still, Biden has insisted that the American people follow the guidance of the CDC and Dr. Fauci who was recently outed as a fraud and shill for Communist china. A leak of his personal emails show Biden’s chief medical advisor promising to downplay the Wuhan lab leak theory to Chinese scientists.

Most recently, his visit to England to attend the G7 summit was seen as a global catastrophe as well. Through a series of blunders, gaffes, and contradictory statements, Biden was able to embarrass the U.S. on the world’s stage. His historic meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin was also largely considered a mess for U.S. foreign policy.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney