America Roars To Life Over 4th Of July Weekend Despite Democrat Lockdowns

Let’s be honest for a moment: Democrats would still be happy if we were in lockdown. The left milked COVID-19 fears beyond what was rational, to exert an unconstitutional control over public life.

The truth is, without Donald Trump pushing three miraculous vaccines, we’d still be in the dark. The only reason Joe Biden and his administration pushed the vaccines, was because they had no choice. You can’t have three viable “cures” to a pandemic and not encourage people to take them. Yes, he tried to take credit for them, but it was Trump who made them a reality.

Even with widespread vaccination at hand, there are those on the left still fearmongering. Disgraced “expert” Anthony Fauci is on his doom-and-gloom wagon. And other men who exploited COVID for attention and trying to drum up new fears, to remain in the limelight.

But one thing is very clear: Americans are done with cowering before the China virus. And this Fourth of July, they set new records.

Reuters reports two of the biggest fireworks shows in the country will fill the skies over the National Mall in Washington, and over a mile stretch of New York City’s East River, separating Manhattan from the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn.

All this while parades, concerts and food-filled celebrations with friends and family take place across the land…

An estimated 43.6 million Americans are expected behind the wheel, or five percent more than a previous record set in 2019, the American Automobile Association (AAA) said, even as gas prices soar to new levels…

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported it screened 2,196,411 people nationwide Friday, for the highest throughput since the start of the pandemic. That was also higher than the checkpoint volume for the same day in 2019.

The record comes a day after air travel exceeded pre-pandemic levels for the first time, ABC News reported. [Source: Breitbart]

From all appearances, Americans are breaking travel and vacation records this summer. The peak was this July 4, then an estimated 44 million Americans got behind the wheel. Air travel is exploding. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport urged travelers to arrive two hours before their flight, to ensure they made it through in time.

We haven’t seen airports this packed since before the pandemic. And the numbers are actually exceeding what we saw before the China virus hit.

This, even though the “experts” claim we are still in the throes of the pandemic. But something tells me nobody is going to worry about COVID “spikes” anymore. Americans are clearly done with this pandemic and they have both Trump and the media to thank.

Trump got us the vaccines, alleviating fears of catching the virus. But the media is also to thank. They pushed so much fear and hysteria last year that it has fully desensitized Americans to actually worries about the virus. After all, you can only take so much. The media cried wolf too many times for Americans to continue believing COVID was the end of the world.

We needed to get out, to breathe the air again. To get on airplanes or eat at restaurants.

And despite what the fearmongers continue to say, Americans are once again valuing their independence.

Author: Peter Wellington