AG Barr Turns The Tables On Deep State – Turbocharges Russia Probe, Sends Democrats Scrambling

By Adam Casalino October 28th, 2019 | Image Source: ABC News

Many have begged Barr to do it – now he’s turning up the heat!

For months we’ve heard about A.G. Barr’s “bulldog” John Durham looking into the FBI’s spying of Donald Trump.

Not much has come out, which has made plenty of patriots mad. But we did learn that Durham has been hard at work.

He even flew to Italy to uncover evidence connected to how the FBI conducted their “monitoring” of the Trump campaign.

Well, let’s just say whatever Durham has uncovered must have been a doozy. Because Barr just upgraded this probe, into a full-blown criminal investigation.

From Western Journal:

The investigation into the genesis of the Trump-Russia probe back in 2016 had turned from “an administrative review of the Russia investigation closely overseen by Attorney General William P. Barr to a criminal inquiry.”

This now gives Durham the ability to compel testimony — something several figures in the investigation have been reluctant to do voluntarily — there’s plenty of lawyering up going on.

Wow. Right now, CIA officials are hiring criminal lawyers over this news. That must mean they have plenty to fear.

Obama’s CIA and FBI were apparently up to all kinds of things during the 2016 Election and afterward.

But It seems we only know a part of it.

Deep state agents were apparently trying to take down Trump from all sides. They used a the Steele dossier to justify spying on the campaign.

At the same time, agents working for the government (including a man named Misfud) were trying to entrap several Trump campaign staffers.

It is all amounting to what appears to be a coordinated effort to frame Trump and stop him from winning the election.

So much so, that Durham and Barr have been forced to turn this simple probe into a criminal investigation.

Which begs the question, who’s the criminal behind all this? Was it Hillary Clinton—who paid for the dossier?

Or was it Barack Obama himself, who sat back and let the FBI and CIA violate Americans’ rights?

We do know that former Obama officials Clapper and Brennan should be pretty concerned . They are in Durham’s sights. And he is determined to get the truth from them.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: AG Barr Turns The Tables On Deep State – Turbocharges Russia Probe, Sends Democrats Scrambling

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