After Nonstop Riots, Liberal Seattle Residents Change Their Tune

After months of rioting across the country, Democrat leaders continue to push to defund police departments. Cities like Portland and Seattle have suffered thanks to weak leaders, hamstrung police, and radical anarchists. Regular residents—mostly Democrat voters—embraced the idea at first. But now, they are singing a different tune.

If you are patriotic conservative, you might be wondering why anyone in their right mind would support defunding the police. Most Americans don’t, thankfully. And that includes minorities who live in the inner city (who depend on the cops to keep them safe). Mostly white, elitists liberals living on the West Coast support defunding the police. They think because they live in neighborhoods far away from the inner city such a terrible idea wouldn’t bother them.

The people of Seattle and Portland got a rude awakening this Summer. Citizens of Seattle watched as radical anarchists and activists destroyed a portion of their city, calling it CHAZ/CHOP. These same anarchists were allowed to frolic through this warzone—only being stopped after they threatened the weak and useless mayor.

But that didn’t fix everything. Even today, Seattle’s government defies federal law enforcement who are working to end a surge of riots. On top of that, the city wants to do the unthinkable: slash the PD’s budget by 50%.

So now, residents are speaking out.

Hundreds of Seattle residents spoke up about proposals to “Defund the police” during a city council budget meeting on Wednesday, according to reports…

While the “Defund the police” effort was initially popular in the city, opponents of the plan have been growing more vocal, Q13 FOX of Seattle reported.

“Defunding the police is a radical experiment that will hurt the vulnerable,” one member of the public, calling in to the phone-in meeting, told the council, according to Q13 FOX.

In addition, the Seattle Police Officers Guild, the union representing police, said it has collected more than 20,000 signatures on a “Stop Defunding” petition, the station reported. [Source: Fox News]

Liberal voters support the terrible ideas of Democrat leaders because they look good on paper (most of the time). Rarely do the left’s ideas work out in real life. But their supporters are too arrogant or blind to see that. That’s why homelessness is out of control on the West Coast—yet liberal voters pretend like it isn’t a problem!

These wealthy, white liberals supported defunding the police because they wanted to appear like “woke” progressives who care about black lives. Yet it didn’t occur to them that removing the cops would put black lives in danger more than ever before. Sadly, these liberals only realized how bad this plan was after it affected their lives
Seattle residents are quickly realizing they can’t live or work in a city overrun by rioters. There won’t be a city left if the cops can’t arrest these violent demonstrators and restore law and order.

The question remains, though, will that be enough to convince the city not to slash the police budget? There is a growing sentiment among the residents against it, yes. But, that doesn’t mean the city’s idiotic leftist leaders will listen.

Seattle might soon experience an exodus much like California. Those that can leave the city, will. But many won’t be able to. Their only solution is to stop expecting Democrat leaders to do the right thing. They need to jettison these leftist cronies and elected conservative leaders who will uphold law and order.

That is the only way to end the ridiculous movement to defund the police.

And something tells me that is going to happen in cities across the country.

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