After DOJ Intervened for Church, City Reversed Bogus Restrictions

Many faithful struggled with celebrating Easter during the virus shutdown. Some churches got creative, hosting drive-in services that respected social distancing rules. But Greenville, MI attacked one church, hitting congregants with $500 fines. The DOJ got involved. Now, the city is backing down.

It’s cynical to say… but I’m going to say it anyway. Democrats across the country got what they wanted in the virus panic. They actually had a reason to shut down religious services across the country. The one thing liberals hate more than gun rights are Americans of faith. These governors and mayors relished in social distancing rules that shut down church services from coast to coast.

Some churches moved to online services. But others found creative ways to worship. In many cities, they hosted drive-in services. Congregants assembled in their cars (windows up), to participate in over-the-radio meetings. Considering it was Easter just last week, this was a clever way for Christians to celebrate the most important Sunday of the year.

So, it was all the more shocking that a city in Mississippi sicced the cops on one of these services. Even though they allow drive-in dining (with windows down), this city discriminated against the church. Cops even fined Christians $500.

The church refused to accept that and opened a lawsuit. Then, Attorney General Bill Barr got involved, backing the church. Now, this pathetic excuse for a mayor is relenting.

A day after the Justice Department intervened on behalf of a local church in a lawsuit over a ban on drive-in services in Greenville, Miss., due to city COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, the mayor now says such religious gatherings are allowed.

“Today, given the definitive guidance from the governor, in the city of Greenville we will allow drive-in and parking lot services in the city – so long as families stay in their cars with windows up,” Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons said in a press conference Wednesday streamed over Facebook Live.

The Justice Department filed a statement of interest in support of the Temple Baptist Church on Tuesday, although Simmons, a Democrat, said the reversal came after a conversation with the state’s Republican governor Wednesday. [Source: Fox News]

Out of fear of what the DOJ might do, the mayor of Greenville quickly reverse his bogus (an un-Constitutional) ban of drive-in services. It’s still pretty rich that he demands congregants keep their windows up, when anyone getting food at a McDonald’s can roll down their window. But its yet another example of how these egregious “social distancing” rules have given many mayors a power trip.

Want to see how Democrats would act if given unlimited power? We’re seeing it right now. Using the fear of the virus as an excuse, they are ruling their cities and states with an iron fist. They don’t care which rights they trample over. They almost seem to enjoy robbing Americans of their Constitutional rights.

Recently, the governor of New Jersey admitted he wasn’t even thinking of the Bill of Rights when he issued his house arrest order. The same can be said of every local leader who wants to fine or arrest Americans for going to church, visiting family, or keeping their businesses open.

The bottom line is, no leader has the right to rob us of freedom. A virus is not a good enough reason to strip away the rights our forefathers fought and died to give us. Americans are smart enough to practice safe measures to prevent infection.

Democrats don’t see it that way. They think they know better than us. And they don’t care how much we’re hurt from their dictatorial rules. It’s not as if they lose money by shutting down cities and states. They don’t care if you can’t see your family. And they don’t lose sleep over how many people are forced onto unemployment.

Don’t believe me? Did you not read this article? Democrats are trying to ban church services. What more evidence do you need?

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