After Democrats Criticize Mike Pence – Doctor Ben Carson Jumps In, Sets The COVID Record Straight

By Adam Casalino March 12th, 2020 | Image Source: Patriot Journal

President Trump handpicked Mike Pence to lead the COVID-19 task force. Of course, Democrats and the media balked.

Some (like AOC) accused the vice president of not believing in science. They distorted old fake news about a small health problem in Indiana.

But Trump’s no fool. He picked the perfect man to lead this fight. Pence is a smart, skilled leader. On top of that, his measured, calm demeanor is absolutely necessary in a problem like this.

And Dr. Ben Carson just set the record straight.

From Western Journal:

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson defended the coronavirus task force’s handling of the virus from partisan political attacks this week at a news conference…

“I must say that the people on this task force are extremely impressive, have been considering all of the various different possibilities, outlining scenarios for all the possibilities that can occur.”

The HUD secretary also praised pharmaceutical companies for working together “voluntarily” in order to help to find a way to manage potential outbreaks.

“Wouldn’t that be a great lesson for the politicians?” he joked.

Ben Carson blasted attacks from the media against Mike Pence and his team.

Carson praised their efforts. As a neurosurgeon, he’s worked on a variety of complex medical problems.

He said what he’s seen from this task force was “extremely impressive.” They have thought out various possibilities and scenarios.

And they’re prepared for them.

Carson also said the risk to the American people remains low, largely thanks to the work of Pence and his team.

Imagine if less-experienced leaders were working on this. Or, God forbid, a task force put together by… Hillary Clinton!

We should thank our lucky stars that our administration is manned with people like Mike Pence. When given the job, he didn’t flinch.

He and his team are working literally 24/7 on this problem. And compared to other countries, America is in a very good position.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Democrats Criticize Mike Pence – Doctor Ben Carson Jumps In, Sets The COVID Record Straight

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