After Biden Pushes Radical New Agenda, Americans Make Him Regret It

In recent weeks, we’ve seen Democrats chase after the most extreme gun control policies ever imagined. Joe Biden called on his cohorts in Congress to push strict new measures that future infringes on Americans’ right to bear arms.

Among some of the idiotic limits Joe wants, he is calling for an “assaults weapon” ban, limits to magazine capacity, and greater background checks. Democrats in the House have pushed two bills aimed at gun control. Both go farther than we’ve ever seen to restrict law-abiding citizens’ access to firearms and the ability to buy or sell them.

Democrats, as usual, are radically out-of-touch with real Americans. 2020 alone saw a massive spike in gun sales. The draconian lockdown imposed by abusive governors drove Americans to buy firearms, fearing the worst. As we know, there are nearly as many guns as there are people in the United States. Yet Democrats think Americans are on their side, when they seek to destroy the Second Amendment.

As soon as word spread that the left wants gun control, Americans sent them a loud message.

NRA memberships are surging as Americans across the country reject the Democrats’ efforts to restrict the Second Amendment via gun control.

Breitbart News spoke with the NRA’s Andrew Arulanandam on Sunday and he indicated the civil rights organization has been “gaining 1,000 new members a day since January, from online signups alone.”

Breitbart News asked if there was any one certain thing that was contributing to the membership surge, and he pointed to the Democrats’ incessant gun control push.

Arulanandam said, “Gun owners realize the threat our Second Amendment and our self-defense laws are facing with a hostile President and Congress.” [Source: Breitbart]

It seems Americans fear—and are strongly opposed to—the government impose more restrictions on the Second Amendment. Online memberships to the NRA are seeing historic growth, all thanks to Democrats’ attempts to curtail our liberties.

Democrats often push gun control after a highly-publicized shooting or event. They love to capitalize on the emotions of the moment, pushing changes before anyone can calm down and think about it.

But when we stop and think about what they are demanding, it never makes sense. Strict gun control has never managed to stop a criminal from breaking the law. In fact, we often see how gun control laws that limit Americans’ access to firearms encourage crime, as victims are defenseless.

Yet Democrats never stop to address this. Nor do they bother to focus on the real cause of mass shootings: mass shooters.

Instead, they exploit strong emotions to further their goal of an America under a police state, where we cannot do anything without the oversight and control of the federal government.

Democrats know gun control doesn’t make America safer. It only gives them greater power. So, against all common sense and logic, they will push it until they get it.

Which is why Americans are fighting back, big time.

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