After Biden Insults Black Reporter – His Campaign Makes It Even Worse

Last week, Joe Biden had another apparent meltdown after a reporter asked him if he took a cognitive test. Joe Biden ranted for a few minutes, even asking if the black man has ever taken a “junkie” test. The clip went viral as millions questioned his mental ability—and attitude toward black people. Now, a campaign staffer has responded, making the matter worse.

Democrats want Joe Biden elected president. But they seem to be ignoring a big problem with that plan. Every time the man appears on TV for interviews, he says or does something that exposes either a racist attitude or simply mental decline. Recently, his campaign had to suddenly cut an interview short as Joe Biden appeared to flare up in anger against the reporter.

We all remember his “you ain’t black” remark back in May. He followed that up recently by claiming black Americans are less “diverse” in their “attitudes” than Latino Americans. That one has not gone over well. In another interview, the black reporter asked him if he’d taken a cognitive test. Biden went on to insult the man, asking if he’s ever taken a “cocaine” or “junkie” test for work.

Now, an unnamed campaign staffer is defending Biden’s insulting remarks.

Joe Biden’s campaign doubled down on the candidate going on offense against a reporter after he asked if Biden has submitted to a cognitive assessment.

Axios reported an unnamed Biden campaign official said in response, “It was a preposterous question deserving of a response that showed the absurdity of it all.”

Former White House Physician Dr. Ronny Jackson previously aired concerns about Biden’s apparent mental state.

“I’m not comfortable with him being my president,” Jackson told The Kyle Olson Show in July.

“I think he’s got some cognitive issues,” he continued, before adding that he was not diagnosing the former vice president and has not examined him. [Source: Breitbart]

Apparently, a campaign member said it was okay for Biden to insult the man because it was a “preposterous question.”

Oh, I see. It’s okay for a Democrat to say racist things at a reporter, so long as the reporter asks a “preposterous” question.

Is that how low the standards for the media are among Democrats? They can do or say anything they want to the press, as long as they deem their questions “preposterous”?

Think back to all the insulting, baiting, pathetic, and hateful questions the media has thrown at President Trump. Then they get upset when he calls them out for it. But it’s okay when Biden insults a black man over a question?

By the way, the question was not preposterous. Everyone is worried about Biden’s mental health. Hell, even while answering the question, Joe exposed the very thing we’re all thinking about. He couldn’t even say “mental fitness” without fumbling and slurring his words. He asked the American people to judge his mental capacity. Well, Joe, based on that response, you get an F.

Joe Biden is running for president. It’s absolutely appropriate to ask about his mental health. Yet when confronted with this issue, Joe exposes his own fears and concerns by lashing out at this reporter. If he was mentally fit, why would he get so upset? Just take a test and settle all the worries.

But the fact that he lashed out, the fact that he refuses to appear at his own convention, and the fact that he might not do the debates reveals everything. The man is falling apart and the desperate Democrats are trying to hide it.

Don’t Americans deserve better than a man who can’t stop himself from insulting a black reporter—or all black Americans? Don’t even Democrats at least deserve a candidate that can go five minutes without producing another shocking gaffe?

Their party doesn’t seem to think so. And they’ll even defend their horrible choice.

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