After Biden Cripples New Mexico, Liberal Governor Strikes Back

Democrats celebrated all over the country when Joe Biden “defeated” Donald Trump. They really thought that with Trump out of the way, all their dreams would come true. The big problem is, of course, that Democrats don’t really like getting what they wish for.

Immediately upon entering office, Joe Biden started pushing radical, far-left policies. He didn’t stop to think about moderate Democrats or all the people his left-wing orders would hurt (if he thinks at all). One of the worst decisions he made was to put a freeze on drilling for oil and gas on federal land. That move, which pleased the granola-crunching hippies, put thousands of jobs in danger (and has contributed to a rise in energy costs).

Some states, like Texas, haven’t been hit as hard over this order. But in New Mexico, where oil is a major contributor to the economy, they are at a near stand-still. In just a month or so, the state has gone from flourishing to flailing.

Funny how they wanted Trump gone so badly, huh?

Now, the state’s liberal governor has no choice but to criticize her president.

New Mexico Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham slammed Biden during a virtual event this week over his energy agenda, saying that it “hurts New Mexico.”…

“Now, with all that said, I’m clearly concerned that right out of the gate, with very little guidance, we have an announcement to stall, right, a moratorium on lease applications, and the reality is a lot of oil and gas, right, in the Permian, is on private land in Texas,” she said. “So, wherever you are, wherever you are in the country or on the chamber, however you feel about that, you can simply just move and that just hurts New Mexico, and there are no environmental standards there.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Most of New Mexico’s oil is drilled from federal land, so Biden’s order basically shut down their entire industry. Texas, on the other hand, drills on privately-owned land, which Biden could not touch. The Democratic governor of New Mexico is watching as Biden’s reckless order is destroying jobs and hurting her state’s bottom line.

Hey, lady! This is the guy you voted for! He literally promised to ruin fossil fuels during the election. What did you think was going to happen when you let him cheat—I mean win the election?

Lujan Grisham is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She needs to fight to reverse this order, to save her state. But at the same time, she can’t really be critical of a Democratic president (unlike Republicans, who crapped on Trump daily, Democrats actually feel loyal to their party).

She claimed in her address that she was “defending” the administration, but she still said Biden’s plan didn’t make sense and it was hurting her state.

What is her solution? A lawsuit to overturn his idiotic order? That would certainly do the trick. Nope! According to the governor, her office has “initiated both conversations and a pretty strongly-worded letter.” Um… does she think Biden is going to do anything because of that? He is a puppet for globalists that want American energy destroyed. He is much more willing to listen to China than New Mexico.

Unless Lujan Grisham gets a backbone and fights back, her state will continue to flounder. She needs to join Texas, and their mountain of lawsuits against Biden, if she wants to win.

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