After Biden Calls Trump Racist – He Gets Blasted As Past Remarks Surface

Once again, Joe Biden is trying to slam Trump by calling him “xenophobic” against Asians. He co-authored an op-ed, claiming Trump is racist and insensitive to Asians and Asian-Americans. But Republicans were quick to call out Joe Biden’s own shocking attitude toward Asians, in a long history of remarks.

Democrats love accusing their rivals of the very thing they are guilty of. It’s a scheme they got from tyrants and socialists. They know if you are busy getting angry over their accusations, then you won’t be aware of what liberals are actually doing.

Is it any wonder why they are the loudest to scream “racist” at Trump and others? They easily distort comments from the president and conservatives, interpreting them as racism. While we try to untangle truth from lie, they get away with decades of discrimination and closed-mindedness.

That’s particularly true about Joe Biden. While many have been shocked to recently learn about his attitude toward black Americans, it runs deeper than that. He recently accused Trump of being xenophobic towards Asians (again). But I guess he expected us to ignore the troubling trend from his own comments.

For the GOP, the op-ed was an opportunity to remind voters of Biden’s own questionable remarks…

Biden publicly claimed during a campaign stop in 2019, for example, that “xenophobia” keeps Japanese women employed…

“There’s an entire move, because they’re xenophobic — because they don’t want to invite other people from outside their country to come in and make up the workforce — they have fewer workers than they have a need for workers. And so, what they’ve done is they’ve decided to encourage women to stay in the job market.”

“On the way back from Mumbai to go meet with President Xi in China, I stopped in Singapore to meet with a guy named Lee Kuan Yew, who most foreign policy experts around the world say is the wisest man in the Orient,” Biden told voters.

The use of the term “Orient” enraged some Asian Americans on social media, the Post reported. [Source: Fox News]

There’s even more I couldn’t fit into the article. It appears he even once praised China’s one-child policy, saying it rested on “abortion.” He once asked Japanese women working at a company, “Do your husbands like you working full-time”?

Wow. Not only does Joe appear insensitive towards Asian groups, but he seems pretty sexist!

If you dug deeper, you’d find more outrageous comments from the man. He and his handlers can chalk it all up to “gaffes” and the like, but imagine how they’d react if Trump said all this?

They pitch a fit when he makes mild comments. If he said anything half as offensive as Biden, they would run him out of town on a rail. Much of the left’s argument against Donald Trump is that he’s an insensitive, racially-dismissive man.

What can they say about Joe Biden, who historically has dismissed and insulted minorities?

The more Joe and the Democrats accuse Trump of racism, the more it becomes obvious they are trying to cover up Biden’s own problems. This is more than just an old man saying out-of-touch things. Biden has a history of looking down on minorities. His ideas about women appear stuck in the Cold War Era. He doesn’t think much of Asians and he thinks black people only exist to vote for him.

Yet we’ll never hear that from our mainstream media. They will continue to cover up Biden’s real sentiments, hoping we’ll elect a real racist into the White House.

I guess it’s up to us to expose him?

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