After Bernie’s Campaign Bus Breaks Down – Video Captures Socialism In a Nutshell

By Ben Dutka August 12th, 2019 | Image Source: The Atlantic

Bernie’s bus had to get towed somehow – and Trump can’t help but laugh!

Bernie’s 2020 slogan is “A Future to Believe In.” But maybe it should be more realistic—how about “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme”?

That about sums up socialism.

Socialists don’t think people should have to pull their own weight. They think if someone refuses, someone else will pull that weight…

…like when Bernie’s bus broke down, and had to be hauled away.

Now here’s a perfect analogy for socialism: a quickf video of Sanders’ campaign bus being towed down the road!

Check it out. From Giphy:

Now that’s just perfect. A Trump tow truck hauling away Bernie’s broken down socialism-mobile! The Trump sign was clearly added for effect – but it’s hilarious!

President Trump supports things like hard work, ambition, discipline, pride, etc. You know, what America was built on.

Socialists like Sanders seem hellbent on destroying all this.

They want to give people the option to do nothing, and then tell them it’s okay to do nothing. And as we’ve seen all over the world, this doesn’t work.

It can’t work. Because then nobody will work, including those who work and get everything taken from them.

They don’t pull their own weight, then turn to their neighbor to pull for them. Just like this tow truck. Bernie probably thought he shouldn’t have to pay for the tow truck.

Well too bad, this is America.

Trump wants to Make America Great Again. Bernie wants to transform America into a socialist nation. He’s admitted it.

Maybe he should just forget about fixing the bus… maybe he should retire before he embarrasses himself in 2020.

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: After Bernie’s Campaign Bus Breaks Down – Video Captures Socialism In a Nutshell

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