After AOC Slams Concentration Camps, Gets Response from Survivors

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

Last week, pathetic excuse for a lawmaker, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Instagram to slam the alien detention centers at our border. In order to pander to her braindead supporters, this “leader” compared them to concentration camps. The horrible statement has brought serous backlash to the congresswoman. But none so severe as from these two men.

AOC continues to damage what little reputation she has left. She was ushered into office, thanks to the bump she got from the liberal media. The 29-year-old had no experience in any kind of leadership position. Her last big gig was as a bartender. But because she promised to “abolish ICE” she was elected by her heavily Hispanic New York district.

Since entering office in January, she has made one massive mistake after another. The worst—up until now—has been her “Green New Deal.” It was so terrible that liberals and conservatives bashed it as unrealistic and impossible to implement (after all, she wanted to outlaw air travel!).

But that was then, this is now. AOC has further destroyed her reputation by comparing our illegal alien detention centers at the border to Nazi concentration camps. Our detention centers serve as a safe place to hold people who illegally crossed our border. They are given beds and food as we process their cases. Even though they are in fact criminals, these centers are much better than any jail cell.

AOC wants her idiot fan base to think these aliens are being treated like victims of the Nazi holocaust—a period where the Nazis tried to kill all Jewish people. Concentration camps were designed to enslave, torture, and kill their prisoners.

To compare our detention centers to that is lower than low. Many have responded to AOC irresponsible and ignorant statement. Including two men who survived the Nazi concentration camps.

Two holocaust survivors responded to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s concentration camp comments earlier this month, and their feelings were resoundingly negative…

“AOC — look at me. My name is Sami Steigmann. I am a holocaust survivor. I went through it. How can you — looking at my face, telling me that the camps we have in the South are concentration camps? What you are doing is you are insulting every victim of the Holocaust. Shame on you!” Steigmann said…

“This is just a political comment. She’s in politics. She’s looking out for herself. There must be a purpose, a reason. Why would she say it? She wants to be popular? You can’t be popular by annihilating other people. Don’t talk to me about concentration camps,” he continued. [Source: Fox News]

Woah. The video of these two men is powerful. They describe the kind of pain and suffering they went through during their times in concentration camps. One was sent to a forced labor camp. He was the subject of cruel medical experiments and only survived because a German woman saved him, as he was dying of starvation.

The other man went through four concentration camps, experiencing unspeakable horror.

For any modern politician to say what AOC did shows a shocking lack of respect for these men—and the millions who never made it out of these camps. AOC doesn’t care about our past and the pain many have gone through. She is only looking to score political points among the left—and to trick young people who might not understand what she is actually saying.

“I’d wake up in the morning and I’d say ‘Please God, let me see the light the next day,” Tuck added. “When I heard that we are free and I looked up in the sky and I said, ‘tell me, where can I go?’ And I came to America … It’s still the best country in the world. Enjoy life. We have no concentration camps here. God bless you all.” [Source: Fox News]

Can AOC look these men in the face and say we are running concentration camps? Or will she be adult enough to apologize for her ignorant, uninformed, and downright corrupt statement?

Probably neither. Yet this woman is the “future” of the Democratic Party.

Pretty sad.

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