Afghanistan Veteran Doesn’t Hold Back During Furious Attack On Biden

The White House is struggling to explain away the disaster that has been its Afghanistan withdrawal. But despite its spin and Biden’s excuses, America and the whole world aren’t buying it.

Images coming out of the country are bleak. Thousands of people are left stranded, desperate to flee the country. The Taliban is already at work persecuting their enemies. Messages coming out of the country reveal they will hunt down Afghan allies of the United States.

Reports suggest there could be up to 40,000 Americans left in the country. Many experts are hammering Biden’s pathetic decisions—and how he pulled troops without a plan to evacuate civilians. Now, a retired general who orchestrated campaigns in the foreign land is calling out Biden.

Michael Flynn, the retired three-star Army general and former national security adviser, played a major role in shaping successful efforts to fight the Islamist insurgency in Afghanistan a decade ago. He now sees the fall of Kabul and China’s aggression toward Taiwan as warning bells for American supremacy.

“We may be in an era of American history that may be where we may be seeing the end of the American dream,” Flynn told Just the News in a wide-ranging interview this week.

Flynn… told the John Solomon Reports podcast that the U.S. is “showing massive weakness … across the board around the world in our foreign policy.”

He said that weakness was evident with both the Taliban taking over Afghanistan after the Biden administration stopped using precision strikes against them, and China doing “another set of aerial incursions over the Taiwan defense zone.” [Source: Just the News]

Flynn blasted Joe Biden’s weaknesses on foreign affairs. Because he doesn’t appear to know what he is doing, our enemies are taking advantage. One of the major fallouts of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan is Taiwan.

China has become more and more aggressive towards Taiwan. They have openly vowed to conquer the nation, annexing it to their communist regime. Seeing how Biden left Kabul fall in a matter of days, China will only be bolder in their efforts to invade Taiwan.

But while Flynn is sounding the warning bells, he is still optimistic about some things. He believes we can overcome the many problems were are facing now. But it’s going to take Americans getting “fired up to the point where people are no longer taking for granted everything that we have, right? We cannot take for granted any of the freedoms.”

That could very well be happening now. Polls suggest that even voters who picked Biden in 2020 are regretting their choice. Some polls even reveal that, should an election take place today, a large majority would have picked Trump over Biden. The combined failures of the Biden administration are mounting up, outraging Americans on all fronts.

Americans are fed up with Biden’s failures on the border, vaccines, inflation, energy, and now foreign policy. Democrats in Congress are feeling the heat as their allies lose in special elections. More and more, it looks like voters are ready to hand liberals their walking papers.

2022 can’t come fast enough.

Author: Tom Peterson