Activist Groups Pull Sleazy Tactic Targeting Trump Allies

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

In a continuing effort to persecute Trump supporters, a group of progressive organizations has sent a list to American CEO’s. This list names every person who worked for the Trump administration over the last two years. The goal? To blacklist these hard-working patriots from ever getting a job again.

The corruption that exists between corporate America and Washington, D.C. is deep. For decades, former government officials, when they leave office, end up with high-paying jobs in the private sector. These men and women, who were tasked with serving the United States, receive major paydays from massive corporations.

They get jobs at television news networks, serve on the boards of Hollywood studios, consult for Silicon Valley companies, and more. We saw this after Obama left office. Most of his staff now work for Netflix, Apple, NBC News, and many others.

It’s hard not to imagine these officials weren’t planning for this arrangement while still in office. Were they perhaps giving out favors to these companies? Maybe. But there’s no doubt they used their positions in Washington to get nice jobs after they left.

But that won’t happen once officials leave the Trump administration. Those patriots who served Donald Trump in making America great again, facing opposition from just about every corner of our liberal-control society, will have a hard time finding work. Why is that? Because a cartel of progressive groups is trying to blacklist them, urging CEO’s not to hire them, once they leave office.

As outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen looks for her next job following her resignation Sunday, she may find herself battling a liberal blacklisting effort against those who’ve served in the Trump administration.

Nielsen’s name appears on a list that a cabal of immigration and civil rights groups recently sent to the CEOs of American companies, urging them not to hire Trump officials who were involved in last year’s separation of migrant children from their families. [Source: Fox News]

How underhanded, evil, and corrupt must these groups be when they try to stop a person from getting a job? These men and women served their country proudly. They faced persecution and hate from the liberal media and politicians. Now, these petty Democrats are trying to steal food from their children’s mouths.

We know what they are saying about Trump’s allies are a total lie. The policy put into place over illegal immigrants was neither cruel, nor new.

This cabal even put an ad in the New York Times, spreading more lies.

President Trump never put kids in cages. Photos that showed illegal immigrant children in cage-like cells came out in 2014—during Obama’s administration.

But why would the truth ever get in the way of the left’s schemes? They want to destroy our country and way of life, replacing it with a system that will make them more rich and powerful. The facts just get in their way.

These immigration groups didn’t say a word when Obama deported thousands of people. They didn’t seem to care when his administration gave guns to drug cartels during the “Fast and Furious” campaign. And they never said anything when photos surfaced of children being held in cages.

Yet now, these hypocrites are trying to get hard-working Americans blacklisted for serving their country.

But some of these progressive groups are dirtier than anyone they’re attacking.

The letter was signed by 41 immigration and civil rights groups, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has targeted Nielsen in the past.

That Montgomery, Ala., organization, which frequently targets conservative organizations and individuals, has itself come under fire in recent months over allegations of sexual misconduct and racial discrimination within its ranks that have prompted the resignations of several top executives. [Source: Fox News]

Looks like the SPLC is hardly the beacon of virtue they try to make themselves out to be. This group—which has attacked conservatives for years—was being run by people accused of sexual harassment, even racism.

Yet they pretend to be the judge and jury of Trump’s former employees? Give me a break.

We need to understand that this persecution of conservatives will never end. Only when we stand up to these liberal bullies will they learn not to push around proud, hard-working Americans.

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