Abbott Makes Fugitive Democrats Regret Everything They’ve Done

Last month, over 50 Democrats from Texas fled the state to prevent bills from being passed. The cowardly state lawmakers knew they didn’t have enough votes to block crucial bills. So, they ran from the state to prevent the legislature from doing business.

These liberals thought they would be praised as heroes. It hasn’t turned out that way. Texans have mocked and ridiculed these hypocrites, who flew on a private jet stocked with beer. Some of them demanded “care packages” full of candy and snacks—while taking $200/day per diem from the state.

Others have been found leaving D.C. to go on a vacation in Portugal. Not a great look, Dems.

But their pathetic scheme will not deter the state from getting the job done. Because the governor just called for another special session.

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott announced that he will be calling a special session of the state legislature in order to hold a vote on various pieces of legislation, including that concerning election integrity.

In a proclamation on Thursday, Abbott called “an extraordinary session” to come together in Austin, Texas, beginning on Saturday…

It noted that the legislature will consider legislation “providing strategies for public-school education in prekindergarten through twelfth grade during the COVID-19 pandemic, which ensures … students receive a high-quality education and progress in their learning; in-person learning is available for any student whose parent wants it; the wearing of face coverings is not mandatory; and vaccinations are always voluntary.”

He added, “I will continue to call special session after special session to reform our broken bail system, uphold election integrity, and pass other important items that Texans demand and deserve.” [Source: Daily Wire]

By fleeing the state, these Democrats have prevented a number of important bills from being passed. The ones they constantly complain about are bills that would further secure Texas elections from fraud. Gee, I wonder why they’d oppose that? But they are also preventing bills that would protect girls from competing with men, providing measures for schools, and fixing problems with their criminal justice system.

Democrats must not really care about their own state, huh, to not even show up for work? Just because they don’t have the votes to block passage of various bills doesn’t give them the right to simply flee the state.

Do they really think this is a sustainable plan? They have to go back to Texas, someday. And it’s clear Greg Abbott is not backing down. He is determined to get these bills passed, no matter what.

These Democrats can’t pretend like they are serving their communities, when they are not even willing to show up. How long will it take before even their supporters get sick and tired of this game?

We can’t predict the future, but things probably won’t go well for these liberals come the next election. How will they win over voters—after leaving them high and dry?

Hell, maybe they’ll still be out of state by then. Good luck with your campaigns!

Author: James Paxton