Abbott Goes Head-To-Head With Biden’s Pentagon – And Things Could Get Ugly

Perhaps the biggest mistake of the Biden administration has been his various mandates forcing Americans to get a COVID vaccination. His biggest—and most unconstitutional—mandate was against private companies. An estimated 100 million Americans could have lost their jobs, but federal courts knocked that one down (for now).

But Biden has pushed a frenzy of mandates, affecting a variety of sectors. He issued a mandate against the medical industry, a mandate for government workers and government contractors, and another mandate against the military. He is even forcing National Guardsmen to get the vaccine, despite their personal health concerns.

Conservative states have been quick to undercut Biden’s tyrannical administration. And the Governor of Texas just notified Biden that his guardsmen will not comply.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Thursday to note that his state will not impose the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on members of the Texas National Guard…

“As Governor of Texas, I am the commander-in-chief of this State’s militia,” Abbott wrote in his letter to Austin.

“This willingness to hollow out the National Guard is unconscionable in the face of growing global threats and a border crisis created by the Biden Administration,” he added in the letter. [Source: Daily Wire]

Biden’s political hatchet man, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, warned that state would lose federal funding over unvaccinated National Guard members. It was a grotesque, underhanded move that would clearly put states in danger. Biden is so desperate to force Americans to get vaccinated, that he is using every dirty trick in the book to do it.

But the Governor of Texas has told Austin where he could shove his order. He vowed that no Texas guardsman would be forced into getting a vaccine. And he vowed to use every “legal tool” he had to defend the state’s Guard members.

What is Biden really up to? Does he think that vaccinating people who face such a small risk of COVID is really going to help? We all know Democrats will never stop milking this virus to gain power. Even if 100% of the population is vaccinated, they will continue to exploit COVID. Clearly, Biden wants to use this pandemic as a means to expand presidential authority.

And he doesn’t care how many constitutional liberties he’ll trample in the process.

It is vital that Americans and state leaders fight back against Biden’s mandates. Not a single mandate should be enforce. Every last one of them must be taken to court. This isn’t about fighting the virus or protecting anything. This is about a runaway federal government trying to set a precedent for the future. If Biden can get away with forcing mandates onto Americans, what will the next president do? Or the next?

Biden knows this and that’s exactly why he’s doing it.

Author: John Martin