A Huge Supreme Court Case Is About To Change America’s Future Forever

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The Supreme Court Justices are hearing the most important case of the year.

It will decide if America will continue to have religious freedom.

This huge Supreme Court case is about to change America’s future forever.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a civil rights and labor law in the United States that outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona voted against the bill even though he thought segregation was terrible because he said “You can’t legislate morality” and insisted that it violated individual liberty and states’ rights.

At least in this case, even though it was overreach on the part of the federal government, it at least helped bring about some positive changes.

But having a federal government that feels that it has the right to enforce its version of morality on the public is dangerous.

Now the Supreme Court is looking at cases that could expand the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to cover LGBT workers.

This case would have huge implications on religious freedom in America.

It would mean that religious organizations would no longer have the right to ask their workers to hold to a Biblical standard of marriage.

As the Washington Examiner explains:

“Religious ministries, including houses of worship, are not categorically excluded from the reach of federal employment discrimination laws, although they are provided with some important protections.

“For instance, in 2012, the Supreme Court unanimously concluded that the First Amendment protects religious organizations’ ability to choose their own ministers and religious leaders. This is an important protection that allows churches and other religious ministries to use any criteria to choose the leaders that are best suited to conveying their religious message. Simply put, the government cannot impose an unwanted pastor on a church or an unwanted rabbi on a synagogue.

“Our brief argues that the Supreme Court should rule that ministries not only have the right to choose their minister, but they also have the right to faithfully apply their religious beliefs within their communities.

“After all, a common dedication to Catholicism is what makes a Catholic school Catholic. If religious freedom means anything, it must mean that religious organizations have the freedom to work together in communities that share a common set of religious beliefs.”

If the Civil Rights Act is interpreted in a manner that takes away peoples’ First Amendment rights, it will open the door for religious persecution.

The Founding Fathers knew that power hungry people would seek to destroy American democracy which is why they created the Constitution and put in the First Amendment.

They knew that if they set up a government with unlimited power, even if they used it for good, sooner or later a tyrannical monster would use it for evil.

The First Amendment keeps Americans safe from the hate speech laws that are found in Canada and Europe and gives us the right for personal freedom.

Do you think that America needs to be careful that religious rights are not infringed upon?

Author: Conservative Revival Staff

Source: Conservative Revival: A Huge Supreme Court Case Is About to Change America’s Future Forever

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