9-0: SCOTUS Sends Resounding Message To Illegal Immigrants

Score! Another win for the American worker, the American rule of law, and America in general.

On Monday, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that immigrants who previously avoided deportation on humanitarian grounds will not be allowed to apply for permanent residency if they entered the country illegally. This ruling is another win for the America-First agenda, though oddly enough, the Biden administration has expressed their support for it.

A married couple from El Salvador was granted so-called “Temporary Protected Status” upon entering the United States. The justices, acting in accordance to a lower-court ruling, upheld the statue that prevented the couple’s application for a green card, or permanent residency, because their entry into the country was unlawful.

Thousands of illegal immigrants may be affected by this ruling, many of which were able to “trick” the immigration system for years now. Biden, who has worked tirelessly to distance himself from Former President Trump’s common-sense hardline immigration policies, and wreaked havoc on the southern border as a result, opposed the married couple in this case.

The ruling is not necessarily earth-shattering for those immigrants who’ve avoided deportation under Temporary Protected Status. Though they initially entered the United States illegally, they are allowed to return to their home countries and re-apply for legal immigration status.

This change in tune from the Biden administration is the first semblance of sanity since they assumed power in January. His support for the SCOTUS ruling places him in direct opposition of Far-Left immigration advocacy groups – and even some of his Democrat colleagues.

The Immigration and Nationality Act is a federal law that requires those seeking permanent residency to be first “inspected and admitted” into the United States. SCOTUS rules that those with Temporary Protected Status (TPS), like the El Salvadorian couple, do not satisfy the requirements of the federal law, thus forbidding them from seeking a green card.

TPS is granted to foreign nationals undergoing a humanitarian crisis in their home countries. Natural disasters, armed conflicts, or genocidal threats, reason that make their trip hope unsafe, are the legal requirements for TPS. There are about 400,000 people in the United States with protected status, which prevents deportation and lets them work legally.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth