80 Million+ Workers Saved From Biden’s Vaccine Tyranny

A true cause for celebration!

American workers can breath a sigh of relief after the nation’s highest court made a definitive ruling against Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate on private employees. This ruling protects 80 million workers from medical tyranny brought upon us by the Biden regime.

…but there’s a catch.

While the Thursday SCOTUS ruling blocked workplace vaccine-or-test requirements for private employees, the Department of Health and Human Services requirement for healthcare workers remained intact.

As a result, A healthcare vaccine mandate will remain in effect, requiring healthcare workers of facilities that take Medicare or Medicaid payments to be fully vaccinated.

Federal health officials have said healthcare workers will be required to receive a single COVID-19 vaccine dose by Jan. 27 and must be fully vaccinated by Feb. 28 under the HHS mandate.

The HHS mandate is said to effect upwards of 17 million healthcare workers.

The conservative majority voted 6-3 to block the vaccine-or-test mandate for employees of big businesses, saying the secretary of the Labor Department “lacked authority to impose the mandate.”

The court added that the decision should be left up to Congress.

Meanwhile, Justice Brett Kavanaugh received immense backlash after he sided with the Court’s liberals, including Chief Justice John Roberts, to uphold vaccine mandates on healthcare workers.

The OSHA workplace mandate went into effect on Jan. 4 and began enforcement on Monday, requiring unvaccinated employees of companies with 100 or more employees to begin wearing masks indoors. A vaccine-or-test requirement was slated to go into effect on Feb. 9 requiring workers who have not been fully vaccinated to be subjected to weekly testing.

Not only did Biden’s OSHA rule force employers into the uncomfortable decision to require vaccines, the same employers were subject to massive fines for noncompliance. Employers who failed to enforce Biden’s rule were subject to $14,000 fines imposed for each offense.

With little regard for the ruling, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki urged employers to proceed with the mandate anyway and force employees to get jabbed.

Thursday’s SCOTUS ruling was undoubtedly a massive blow, not only to Biden’s agenda, but to an entire ideological movement which seeks to weaponize the federal government to intrude into the private lives of American citizens. The ruling gives a clear line of demarcation as to what the federal government can get away with and how far their reach extends.

However, with the growing level of corporatism and general collusion between Democrats and the nation’s leading CEOs, it will come as no shock if heads of business decide to proceed with Biden’s mandate anyway.

Author: Asa McCue