2020 Dems Scramble as Swing Voters Reject Their Agenda

Democrats fighting for the party’s 2020 nomination are push as many far-left ideas as possible. Many top candidates want to burden the U.S. with costly programs like Medicare for all. They are also advocates for illegal immigration and open borders. But researchers at MIT learned that swing voters have very different views. Democrats are in big trouble.

As President Trump scored one win after another, it seemed like Democrats were in a bind. They can’t promise an economy better than the one Trump’s created. Worse than that, the policies that helped him achieve it are really good. Very few people in their right minds would oppose lowering government regulation, slashing taxes, and simply putting Americans first.

But Democrats have to oppose everything Trump is doing, right? How do you fight against a man that has achieved the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years? Can Democrats promise anything better than what Trump is doing?

Nope. So, they are building an entire platform around the one thing he will not embrace: socialism.

During the State of the Union address, Donald Trump boldly declared that the United States will never be a socialist country. That was good news to millions of Americans. But apparently, that was a signal to the Democrats on what they had to do.

Just about all of the 2020 Democrats running for president are embracing far-left socialist polices. These policies would not only burden Americans will massive tax increases, but they would harm our national security and weaken our communities.

Yet despite all this, all major candidates have vowed to push things like Medicare for all, strict gun control, open borders, and more. These radical policies would rewrite our culture, economy, and way of life.

Democrats think this is a sure-fire way to win the White House. But MIT researchers are learning something very different.

Swing voters are repelled by leftist policies from healthcare to immigration that 2020 Democrat presidential primary candidates have endorsed, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) reveals…

Agadjanian surveyed nearly 4,000 voters, showing half of them headlines where 2020 Democrats have endorsed decriminalizing illegal immigration, giving free healthcare to illegal aliens, ending private health insurance, and providing free college tuition for applicants…

From there, the research found swing voters are less likely to vote for a Democrat when they learn of their policy proposals:

When deciding between Mr. Trump and the Democratic nominee, voters in the middle — the independents who could ultimately tilt things in Mr. Trump’s favor — became six percentage points less likely to vote Democratic after reading about the leftward turn compared with the independents who had read the innocuous content. [Source: Breitbart]

It only gets worse from there. The researchers also learned that Democrats aren’t motivated to vote for a candidate who embraces leftist ideas.

Seems like that Americans are not on board with the left’s plan to push radical socialism. In fact, as the Democrats lurch further left, Americans are less and less likely to support them.

Hmm… what does that tell you? That Democrats are completely ignoring what Americans want!

Donald Trump is scoring one with after another for Americans. He’s successful because he’s “crazy” enough to put Americans first.

Democrats seem to think that they can get away with pushing ideas we don’t like or want. They believe they know what’s best, our views and interests be damned. They are going to transform this country into a socialist dictatorship whether we want it or not.

Well, the facts are clear. Americans don’t want it. Even Democrats aren’t happy about this leftward push.

Now, if liberals were smart, they’d pay attention to this information and change. They’d come up with a platform that embraced the free market, protect our borders, and defend our freedoms. Maybe then they’d win over more Americans.

But from all accounts, Democrats aren’t listening. They want to railroad their agenda, no matter the costs.

Seems like that’s going to cost them the election.

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